Our research focuses on the composition and biodiversity of ecological communities, primarily aquatic ecosystems.  We include two major areas to our work. (a) Field and modeling studies examining questions related to how biotic, abiotic and spatial factors influence the composition of ecological communities and the distribution of species.  Research ranges from studying the composition and function of relatively natural systems to human-impacted systems (invasive species, endangered species, altered environmental conditions).   Work focuses mainly around freshwater ecological communities, but also includes comparable studies on other taxa and ecosystems too.  (b) Ecological communities and their associated environmental conditions are inherently complex and involve numerous variables and sampling locations.  We are active in the development and application of statistical approaches suitable to test questions related to community composition (e.g. null models, multivariate statistical models) to species-habitat models (e.g. niche modeling).

Potential Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Researchers: Inquiries are welcome.  Please send me your CV/resume, transcript and statement of interest